Admissions Staff

Justin Vogel

Dean of Enrollment

Call/Text Justin – (859) 479-0396

Area of Responsibility:

  • Bishop Brossart High School
  • Covington Catholic High School
  • Covington Latin High School
  • Newport Central Catholic High School

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David Kennett

Associate Director of Admissions

Call/Text David – (859) 328-6801

Area of Responsibility:

  • Bellevue High School
  • Campbell County High School
  • Highlands High School
  • Larry A. Ryle High School
  • Walton-Verona High School

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Tony Otten

Associate Director of Admissions, CRM Management

Call/Text Tony – (859) 795-2928

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Kieran Casey

Admissions Specialist

Call/Text Kieran – (859) 376-1551

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麻豆产精国品 More admissions counselor Annie Grimm

Annie Grimm

Assistant Director of Admissions

Call/Text Annie – (859) 350-6934

Area of Responsibility:

  • Northern Kentucky public and private schools (excluding those served by Justin Vogel & David Kennett)

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Picture of Rachel Schultz

Rachel Schultz

Enrollment Counselor

Call/Text Rachel:聽(859) 605-3238

Area of Responsibility:聽

  • Lexington, Kentucky & Eastern Kentucky schools
  • Louisville, Kentucky & Western Kentucky schools

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Picture of Mckenzie Ball

Mckenzie Ball

Enrollment Counselor

Call/Text Mckenzie: (859) 470-3994

Area of Responsibility:

  • All U.S. states outside Ohio and Kentucky
    Ohio schools outside Hamilton and Clermont counties
    Home school students
    Transfer students
  • International Students

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Picture of Marian Rice

Marian Rice

Enrollment Counselor

Call/Text Marian: (859) 470-8731

Area of Responsibility:

  • Cincinnati public and private high schools

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Picture of Cindy Fangman

Cindy Fangman

Enrollment Office Manager & Campus 麻豆产精国品 Coordinator

Call/Text Cindy: (859) 376-4494

Area of Responsibility:

  • Campus 麻豆产精国品s

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