Faculty Notification of Accomodation

Office of Student Accessibility

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Once a student has registered with the Office of Student Accessibility and the appropriate reasonable accommodations have been determined the student will be provided a letter. The student is responsible for delivering the Notification of Accommodation Letter to each of their faculty member if they intend to use the approved accommodations.

The Letter will include:

  • the same header and footer as this document
  • the accommodation(s) which are the responsibility of the Office of Student Accessibility and the faculty
  • a signature from the Office of Student Accessibility staff
  • a verification of accommodation notification form which will verify you have been informed of the needed accommodations Example of the Notification of Accommodation Letter is on the bottom of this page. If you receive documentation that is not in this form, please contact the Office of Student Accessibility.

Upon receipt of Notification of Accommodation you should:

  • Review the letter
  • Discuss the accommodation with the student. Remember this is a confidential matter and needs to be handled as such. Please do not inquire about the specific disability, allow the student to share that information if they choose. Feel free to discuss the accommodation, how it will support the student, and how it will be implemented.
  • Address any questions and concerns with the Office of Student Accessibility (contact information below)

As faculty, you have the right to:

  • Maintain the rigor and the fundamental nature of their course content
  • Require students to demonstrate their knowledge of crucial course content
  • Discuss accommodations with the Office of Student Accessibility if the accommodation seems unreasonable or there are better methods of support

As faculty you are responsible for:

  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Having an awareness of campus resources available for students and faculty
  • Implementing best practices in teaching to reach a diversity of learners
  • Sharing information on how students can request an accommodation
  • Working with the Office of Student Accessibility and with students to make reasonable accommodations in a timely manner

Notification of Accomodation

Effective Spring 2017
Date Issued: January 1, 2017
RE: Tommy More, id # 3.14159

Dear Professor,

Tommy More is a student enrolled in your course this term. They have registered with the Office of Student Accessibility and have been approved for the specific accommodation listed below. The accommodations are not retroactive and become effective as of the date of submission of this letter to the professor; please sign the Accommodation Receipt Verification Form.

Supporting students with disabilities in receiving their approved accommodations is a collaborative responsibility between the student, faculty, and the Office of Student Accessibility staff. These supports ensure the student has equal access to benefit from all 麻豆产精国品 programs, courses, and services.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Tommy More should be provided the following accommodations:

Classroom Accommodation(s) (Faculty are responsible for providing the following):

  • Alternative format of class material: all material should be provided in an electronic format. Hand written materials can be scanned and provided as a pdf
  • Preferential Seating

Office of Student Accessibility Accommodation(s)

  • Alternative format exams: Exams should be presented in a format where they can be enlarged or read to the student
  • Extended time on assessments: 1.5 times traditional restrictions

Tommy More is responsible for discussing the above approved accommodations with all involved faculty and staff. The student is also responsible for following all procedures related to the Office of Student Accessibility. Please be aware that any and all disability-related information is confidential and should be treated as such. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these approved accommodations or would like assistance implementing them, please contact the Office of Student Accessibility.

Your cooperation is not only appreciated; it is essential to 麻豆产精国品 meeting its legal obligation.

Office of Student Accessibility