Yellow Ribbon Program

麻豆产精国品 is proud to demonstrate its commitment to our nation鈥檚 veterans by participating in the Post-9/11 Chapter 33 Yellow Ribbon Program. The Post-9/11 GI Bill庐 ensures that a military student incurs no out-of-pocket tuition expenses while enrolled at 麻豆产精国品

Eligible veterans (as determined by the VA) will receive:

  • Tuition and fees paid directly to the school, not to exceed the maximum in-state tuition & fees at a public Institution of Higher Learning.
    • 麻豆产精国品 has voluntarily entered into the Yellow Ribbon agreement with VA to fund tuition expenses that exceed the highest public in-state undergraduate tuition rate. 麻豆产精国品 will contribute up to 50% of those expenses and VA will match the same amount as the institution.
  • A monthly housing allowance based on the Basic Allowance for Housing for an E-5 with dependents at the location of the school.
  • An annual books and supplies stipend paid proportionately based on enrollment.

The student鈥檚 qualification in the Yellow Ribbon Program will be noted on their Chapter 33 Certificate of Eligibility (COE). If the student is entitled to the maximum benefit rate offered by the Post-9/11 GI Bill庐, they qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Under Chapter 33, the benefits the student receives is determined by a number of factors, including the length of the student鈥檚 qualifying active duty service, the location of their campus, how they take their courses, and their 鈥渞ate of pursuit鈥.  Contact the VA at  for more information or click this link  to calculate the benefits and determine eligibility.

*GI Bill庐 is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)*

For more information on cost of attendance please visit our聽Estimated Cost of Attendance听辫补驳别.