Retention & Graduation Rates

麻豆产精国品 annually tracks the retention and graduation of students by program and location/modality.

Retention and graduation rates are calculated based on the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Systems definitions.  The IPEDS cohort is defined as students enrolling in the fall as:

  • first-time (no postsecondary enrollment with the exception of dual enrollment while in high school)
  • fulltime
  • baccalaureate-seeking

This cohort primarily includes students enrolled in the University鈥檚 traditional programs. Targets for retention and graduation rates are based on the University Strategic Plan and compared with Kentucky colleges and peer benchmarks.

Retention Rates, based on returning the following fall to 麻豆产精国品
Goal: minimum target 鈥 65%; aspirational target 鈥 >70% 

IPEDS Cohort Year麻豆产精国品 RetentionPeer BenchmarksKentucky private colleges

Graduation Rates, based on six years to completion, earned at 麻豆产精国品
Goal: 54%

IPEDS Cohort Year麻豆产精国品 Graduation RatePeer BenchmarksKentucky Private colleges

Graduation Rates for Adult & Graduate Programs

麻豆产精国品 tracks the graduation rate for all adult and graduate programs.

Graduation Rates for Bachelor of Business Administration Program

Goal: 60%

Graduation rates for students in the BBA program who enter with fewer than 30 transfer hours are based on 4.5 years to completion.  Graduation rates for students who transfer with 30 hours or more are based on 3 years to completion. 

 LocationGraduation Rate 2012-2013 incoming studentsGraduation Rate 2013-2014 incoming studentsGraduation Rate 2014-2015 incoming students
Bachelor of Business Administration – students who transfer 30 hours or moreALL58%55%55%
Blue Ash59%50%50%
Crestview Hills57%59%60%
Bachelor of Business Administration – students who transfer less than 30 hoursALL35%39%
Blue Ash38%36%
Crestview Hills32%43%