Ronald E. Osborn


  • Ph.D., Politics and International Relations  (concentrations: political theory, comparative politics), University of Southern California, 2012
  • M.Sc., Violence, Conflict and Development, The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 2005
  • M.A., Liberal Arts, Graduate Institute of St. John's College, Annapolis, 2002
  • B.A., English, B.A., History, Atlantic Union College, 1999

Principal Research Interests

  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Chirstian Ethics
  • History

Research AREA Highlights: 

  • 2013 Field Research, Religion and resisteance to genocide, East Timor

  • 2011 Field Research, Religion and Resistance to the Shining Path Insurgency, Peru.

  • 2008 Field Research, Marxian Ideology Among Shining Path Members in Prison, Peru.

  • 2006 Field Research , Human Rights Violotions inside Maison Centrale Prison, Guinea.



  • U.S. Fulbright Scholarship, Burma/Myanmar

  • Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, Wellwsley College
  • Glovin Edowed Scholarship, Oskar Shindler Humanities Foundation
  • Social Science Research Council Religion and International Affairs Dissertation Workshop Award