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Professional Credentials

  • Learn whenever and wherever. Most of our programs are online and in a self-paced format to fit into your busy schedule and can be easily accessed from any device.
  • Keep your skills updated and relevant. Change is constant in workplaces. Keep up to date on the latest trends and improve your skills.
  • Differentiate yourself to employers. Competition for the best jobs and highest salaries can be fierce. Once you earn a credential, you can easily post it on your resume or LinkedIn profile.
  • Expert facilitators. Unlike many credential programs that only rely on self-paced learning, we are integrating optional expert-led facilitated sessions into many of our programs.
  • Earn professional development credits. Although these credentials are non-credit academically, many qualify for SHRM, CEU, and HRCI professionally recognized credits.
  • Keep learning manageable. Most of our courses take hours, not weeks, to complete.
  • Become part of a learning community. You will become part of our 麻豆产精国品 More鈥擝e More. learning community and the 麻豆产精国品 family.


Human Resources

Career Acceleration

Leadership & Management

Logistics and Operations

Digital Marketing

Women in Business

Sustainable Management

Nonprofit Management

Data Analytics

International Trade


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Earn a few badges to suit your needs, or earn a combination of badges to earn a microcredential in a specific field. .

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