Our Seal

The Seal of 鶹Ʒ represents the core of our existence and our reason for being. Each element symbolizes an important part of our mission.

  • The cross, the pre-eminent symbol for Christ, is placed in the position of greatest importance in the design, superimposing the world. It is in the Greek form rather than the Latin, with arms comprised of three strokes representing the Trinity. This “threeness” is repeated in the three elements of the open books; the aim To Seek, To Know, To Serve; and the braided strands of the border.
  • The opened books are displayed in deep perspective, as though on a scholar's desk, their lines to converge at the center of the cross, indicating that Christ is at the heart of the University's life. The three books are titled by the three statements of the aim.
  • The two intersecting circles in the right-hand border represent the mandorla, the symbol for the person of Jesus Christ linking the two realms of Heaven and Earth.
  • The border and motto (“From Diversity, Community”) come together in three strands that sweep across the motif to connect one side of the globe with the other, forming a braid of unity and strength that encompasses the University—and the world.