Our Faith

At 鶹Ʒ, students of all faiths are welcomed into our diverse campus community. As Adventists, we encourage our students to deepen their Christian faith and make it their own through discussion and exploration, community-based volunteer service and service learning, and
spiritual discovery.

As Seventh-day Adventists, we:

  • Believe in the Bible as the inspired word of God
  • Trust in Jesus as our Savior
  • Worship on Saturdays
  • Emphasize healthy living
  • Are committed to serving others worldwide

Our students take advantage of the many opportunities for praise and worship including:

  • School-wide Chapel, where the campus community comes together to be uplifted through music, prayer,
    and contemporary messages
  • Midnight䲹é, an “afterglow” service for night owls
  • Rendezvous, a high-energy service on Wednesday nights
  • Dorm worships
  • Tuesday Tunes with local bands
  • International Student Worship
  • The Prayer Experience
  • Collegiate Sabbath School